Images and videos

We create 3D images and animated films for your architectural projects.

Our expertise as well as our passion for architecture and images allow us to provide you with quality work adapted to your needs.

Based in Lausanne, Switzerland; we are also present in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
A strategic partnership with ZAPP (Creative Agency dedicated to Motion Design, based in Buenos Aires) ensures us a creative and multidisciplinary approach to meet the most demanding requirements of our clients.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are interested in your project!



3D Image - Bar at night
Image 3D - Centennial Pavilion, Buenos Aires
3D image - Office building
3D image - Interior apartment living room
3D image Buenos Mares house
3D image - BW project, Monthey Switzerland
3D image, GD house, Buenos Aires Argentina
3D image, Kléber Méléau Theatre, Renens Switzerland
3D image, kitchen renovation project
3D image, balcony Zurich Switzerland
3D image dwellings project
3D image, Pedestrian tunnel St Lègier Switzerland